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Turning a Vision into Reality

Bob Bell is the Founder & Owner of The Westchester Hall. He is an achritect and designer and was searching for the perfect building when he came across an event hall that needed a lot of love and care. With a dream in mind, he bought the building in 2003, redesigned it, and used his  talented construction team to conduct an entire remodel of the place adding beauty & elegance to every corner, turning a vision into a reality. Since that time The Westchester Hall has been the location of numerous celebrations from weddings and anniversaries to proms and corporate parties. 

Bob Bell
Founder & Owner

Communicating with every client efficiently & promptly 

Taylor Peters is the Marketing Director for The Westchester Hall. She specializes in Marketing & Advertising as well as web design and is passionate about communicating with every client efficiently and promptly through email and all of our social media outlets. She loves getting to establish a great connection and relationship with current and future clients. 

Taylor Peters
Marketing & Advertising Director
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